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Our Adoption Process


Step 1

If you would like a puppy from Mt. Rainier Doodle Dogs we would love to chat with you. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. We like to get to know our future puppy parents to ensure that all our puppies go to great homes! So, please email ( if you would like to begin the process of owning a Mt. Rainier Doodle Dog.

We want to be certain that every puppy goes to its forever home and we find that talking with possible puppy owners personally helps me know how to properly place a puppy. If we are not comfortable placing a puppy with you we will let you know. We are not interested in offending anyone; however, our puppies are a priority and we are looking at what will be best for them. This also gives you an opportunity to get to know us and how your puppy will raised and get any of your questions answered.

Step 2

Step 4

After our phone interview, if you are still wanting to adopt a puppy, then you will need to send a $200 non-refundable deposit, through Zelle, to hold your place on the waitlist. When we receive your deposit we will update our waitlist with your name and date we received the deposit. The remainder of the deposit is $300 and will be due within 24 hours from when we contact you to let you know there is a puppy available. The remaining amount is to be paid in full when you pick up your puppy. Please see our waitlist page for complete information about how the Waitlist works.

However, if there is a puppy you want that is available right now and we have approved you for a puppy then you can forward the $500.00 total deposit amount with the name of that specific puppy.

Step 3

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, we will update photos of the litter and your puppy on our Instagram page, you'll get to watch them grow. We do a puppy update at around 6 weeks where we will send you a photo or video of your puppy.


When the puppies are 3 to 4 weeks old we have our Puppy Picking Party for our waitlist. Several days before the Party we will send you your time slot for picking your puppy. We will contact you with whatever information you have given us. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours we will assume you are no longer interested and we will remove you from the waitlist. At the appointed time you will get a text or email notification with the code that will allow you to enter the Puppy Picking Party Page. Once on the page you will be able to read about each puppy, look at photos, and watch a video of each puppy. You have 45 minutes to let us know which puppy you have chosen and make your deposit. If you decide not to choose a puppy at this time and would like to wait for the next litter, you may do so once. The next time there is a litter of puppies to choose from, if you do not want a puppy you will forfeit your spot and your deposit. 


Step 5

puppies in a bed.jpg
Bring your final payment, in cash or you can Zelle us at time of puppy pick up. Come pick up your puppy on the appointed date, at the appointed time - we will have 30 minute time slots, if you arrive late you will need to wait until the end of the day, after the last time slot. We will have your puppy pack ready for you which will include your puppy shot/deworming record, puppy toy, blankie from home to help with settling in to your house, chew treats, and a small bag of the food your puppy is currently eating. 

Worldwide Hand Delivery of Your Puppy.

We encourage you to come pick up your puppy in person, if at all possible. We'd love to meet you and hand you your new fluffy friend. Even if you can't come to Mt. Rainier Doodle Dogs to pick up your puppy, we can meet you at Sea-Tac Airport in Washington State with your puppy.
We also offer hand delivery of your puppy, worldwide. There are several options we can explore for you to get your puppy. We are happy to help you find a Pet Nanny/Courier that we have worked with in the past, to transport you puppy from Sea-Tac Airport to the airport that works best for you. We will meet the Pet Nanny/Courier at the Sea-Tac Airport with your puppy. Please contact us for estimates on hand delivery. If none of these options work for you, please contact us and we are happy to work with you. If you are not picking up your puppy in person, we will need full payment within 48 hours prior to transport
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As breeders who is always working towards breeding top notch dogs for health and beauty, We reserve the right to pick a males or females from any litter before anyone on the wait list chooses a puppy. We appreciate your understanding and know you realize the importance of building a quality breeding program.
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