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Diet & Nutrition


by Megan & Stacy

It is extremely important to investigate for yourself the best diet and feeding schedule for your canine companion keeping in mind that your dog is not a human and does not have the same needs or concerns as humans.

Treats & Chews

Feeding Schedules

Feeding any sort of human food is not recommended for your dog. If you want to give your dog a treat, then get a treat that is meant for your dog and not for you. The best kinds of treats for your dog are freeze dried meat or fish. This is strictly meat, no additives, no coloring.


Chews are good for your dog but do not give your dog rawhide because it comes off in big chunks and can choke your dog. Other chews you should avoid are any sort of treats or chews made in China, buy local as much as possible. Go to your local butcher and ask for raw meaty bones, specifically for dogs. Bully sticks, pig ears, chicken feet, and cow hooves are all very good options.

Your puppy has had food out 24/7 available for it to eat since it was weaned. If you would like to get your puppy on a good potty schedule you need to offer your puppy food at least three times a day until it is at least 4 months old or over 3 pounds. After it is 4 months old and eating well and weighs over 3 pounds you can offer it food  twice a day, in the morning and evening.


Put the food in the pen and leave it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and then take it up again. Pay attention to see if your puppy does it and just take note that they are eating regularly twice a day. Once you dog is potty trained and if it is not a glutton, you may leave food out for longer periods of time if you prefer.



The idea that canine diets should be grain free may have come about due to some allergy concerns as well as the realization that dogs are carnivores and should be eating a diet with a substantial amount of meat. Of course, many manufacturers were quick to promote this new fad diet and eager to capitalize on sincerely concerned pet owners.


The problem is that there have been no significant studies conducted on these grain free diet feeding plans for dogs. In fact, many veterinarians and even the FDA are now realizing that grain free dog food is actually causing more harm than good. The concern is that when grains are taken out of the food, another filler must be added to take the place of these grains. These fillers are usually high in carbohydrates like peas and lentils, which have been linked to Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), diabetes, and other serious health issues in dogs.


When you are looking for dog food be sure that you do your due diligence and check ingredients, do your research. Look for a reputable brand, which is generally one you can't get at the grocery store. Your local feed store is an excellent source of high quality dog food that often comes with some great advice.


When you are introducing new dog food to your puppy or dog, mix 1/3 of it in with the old or current dog food you have been using. Keep mixing and giving more and more of the new food, little by little. In this way you can avoid tummy upsets for your dog. 

It is also good to add some raw food and bones to your dog's diet because it gives them a more varied nutritional profile and is great for their coats and teeth. 


Brands I love and use:

Nutrisource (make sure its one of their grain inclusive recipes)

Health Extensions Little Bites Chicken and Brown Rice


There are many other safe brands just make sure to talk with your vet if you have any questions or concerns with your puppy or dog's diet.


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The information contained in this website is solely for informational purposes, and DOES NOT replace licensed professional veterinary care. The information contained within this pamphlet or on our website is subject to interpretation and an evaluation of an animal's medical condition should be performed by a trained professional before any medical decisions are implemented. We shall not be liable to any person whatsoever for any damages, or equivalencies, or by reason of any misstatement or error, negligent or otherwise obtained in any communication from Mr. Rainier Doodle Dogs.

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