Planned Mini Bernedoodle Litters


We are so excited to announce our spring 2022 litter plans

We will let you know when we have confirmed pregnancies. Follow our Instagram to get the latest updates. And, for those of you already on the waitlist, we always send an email out to you first.

Olive & Wyatt

Olive (25 lbs.) & Wyatt (20 lbs.) will be bred within the next few weeks. This will be Olive's last litter. We are excited to be able to keep a female back to carry on her lines, she is a fabulous dog, as is Wyatt. Their last litter was lovely!

Tira & Wyatt

Olive & Wyatt's Past Litter

Tira & Wyatt

Tira (25 lbs.) & Wyatt (20 lbs.) make beautiful, even-tempered Mini Bernedoodle Puppies. We hope to breed them in the spring of 2022

Tira & Wyatt's Past Litter

Polly & Wyatt

Polly (30 lbs.) will be old enough to breed this spring so we are hoping we can match her and Wyatt (20 lbs.) up for some stunning puppies!